Arranged a university student from Tokushima to Taiwan for internship.

A program in which public and private sectors cooperate to send local youth to the world called “TOBITATE! (Leap for Tomorrow) Study Abroad Initiative (Tokushima glocal leader development course)”.
We will accept one student in Tokushima as an intern utilizing this program.
From the latter part of August, she will be staying in Kaohsiung, Taiwan to plan the promotion activities of agricultural products and foods from Tokushima.

This year’s main theme will be “Naruto Kintoki (Sweet Potato)” and “Tokushima Ramen“.
How can we increase sales in Taiwan?

After devising concrete plan by investigating the tastes and needs of local people such as how we can propose the way to eat, what we should do with the flavor and ingredients, we will perform demonstrations at the Japan food fair at Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza in Kaohsiung beginning from November 2nd.

This program is a very meaningful program for both students and companies, not only because students can live overseas but also they can take part in the local business acrivities and contribute to the local development.
Our company has always been supporting this program from the beginning.